Dual wire sandwich cutter

TBS 120

The TBS120 dual wire sandwich cutter has been designed to cut sandwiches diagonally after they’ve been filled.

The only difference is the addition of a second row which, automatically fed by means of a spreader belt, allows you to work up to 120 sandwiches per minute.

To obtain greater speed in cleaning and maintaining the belts and belts, the rollers are all mounted cantilevered.

All the stainless steel protections are also provided and those that can be opened are controlled with a safety microswitch in order to block any movement of the machine.



The machine works by 4 motors which have the following functions:

Main motor

that drives the contrast inlet belts and straightening and unloading belts


which activates the cutting blade with an alternating movement

Two Motors

that arrange the sandwiches perfectly aligned at 45 ° before cutting


All the machine functions are managed with a PLC to allow, through a panel, to adapt the cutter to the various formats and speeds.