AVM 250

Slicer AVM 250 is designed and built to slice and simultaneously arrange product slices (cheese, cooked and cured ham, speck and other deli meats, cooked meat, vegetables and fish) and garnish pizzas in a wide range of sizes, in thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 15 mm.

The AVM 250 slicer model can also be equipped with a belt for preparation of portions with a programmable number of slices, which can be stacked or staggered at a programmable distance, synchronizing the machine with the garnishing belt.

The sliced product can be deposited on bread, toast, focaccia, pizzas, trays which have to be in continuous movement or at a cadenced step, by selecting the appropriate functions from the operating panel.



With the same structural features as the AV 180 slicers, the AVM 250 has a: • greatly increased cutting area measuring 600 mm, with a swinging movement of 250 mm that can in turn be divided into several cutting zones • (three 200 mm zones, 2 250 mm zones or one 350 mm plus one 200 mm zone).