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B.S. srl was born in 1980, as specialized manufacturer of components for food machineries.

Almost fifty years later, the activity developed significantly. BS started its own R&D and Engineering activities to follow the market trends of processed packed food. This step allowed BS to cooperate with many important food companies all over the world.

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Sandwiches complete lines

We have developed a complete line of machines to meet the specific requests of each customer. Cleanliness, productivity, and meticulous design are the pillars of B.S. excellence in sandwich line solutions.

• The slicing line is designed to achieve uniform and precise slices, enabling the preparation of high-quality sandwiches.
• The cutting line has been developed to create clean and precise cuts on a wide range of ingredients for sandwiches.
B.S. Pocket line can provide an innovative solution for the production of compact and convenient sandwiches, ideal for on-the-go consumption.
• Our bread dispenser is designed for rapid and precise bread distribution.
Transfer platforms are designed to improve workflow and material convey along the production line.


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Complete Lasagna lines

B.S. complete lasagna line can offer a wide range of options and provide solutions to meet the specific requests of each customer: the carousel, the semi-automatic line, the rotary line, the automatic line, the cup line, the small linear line and the dosers. All these machines are based on three main common elements: simple working and cleaning operations and change-over high flexibility.

Thanks to the collaboration with Storci spa, a leading company in the pasta machine industry, B.S. has been able to develop innovative and creative solutions for lasagna preparation. This has allowed to keep the high quality and authenticity of the product, offering gastronomy operators a competitive advantage in the ready-to-eat lasagna market.

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Rolling line

B.S. is a leading food-industry company well-known for its cutting-edge machinery, and the Rolling line is no exception. Designed to streamline the production process, this machine offers impressive rolling up capacity and can handle up to 40/50 rolls per minute per row.

B.S. Rolling machine is designed to achieve efficient and high production speeds, without compromising on quality. The advanced technology ensures precise and consistent rolling, resulting in perfectly formed rolls every time.

Thanks to the impressive speed and productivity, this machine can significantly increase production output, helping food-industry companies to meet the demands of their customers.


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