Sandwiches machines


Over the years the line BS sandwich has evolved considerably.
The lines have been developed for various needs, for filling sandwiches and baguettes and for the most different kind of bread. The best care of the design to meet each customer's specific request.

Lasagna and ready meals machines

Lasagna and ready meals

Using always more innovative technologies BS is able to offer on the market automatic or semiautomatic filling lines running different formats for the production of lasagne, cannelloni, pasta cup and meet many other needs required by the catering industry.

In cooperation with: Storci spa . Hot news for our ready to eat lines: thanks to our recent collaboration with Storci spa, we have been able to create innovative and creative solutions (ready to eat lines) for preparing ready-to-eat lasagna and cannelloni.

For over 30 years BS has been working with expertise and reliability in the most important ready meals, fast foods, ice-cream and confectionary markets. These are added value products designed to help you make profits and we are here to offer you the best personalized solution and best ready to eat lines.


Ice cream making machines

Ice Creams

Since many years BS realizes lines and machines to meet the needs of the ice cream industry.
Our models operate with any type of cup, cones, cups and trays, respecting the various types of product used.

Dosing machines


They are extremely versatile machines that can be placed, either individually or combined in the lines BS newly created or adapted and used on existing lines.
They are designed to manage hot and cold products by making use (of distinct specific technologies based on the product and capable of satisfying multiple needs) in both cases of distinct technologies with high performance in terms of reliability and precision.


Special machines

Special Machines and Prototypes

A special feature of BS is flexibility in the design and realization of appropriate machines
for particular processes, ready to meet with the needs of the customer, while also offering specific technical and technological assistance.

Robots for the food industry


The BS robots guarantee the precision of operations thanks to the vision system they are equipped with. The sanitation operations can be performed quickly and effectively.
Our robots are equipped with all the necessary protections which, in the event of an emergency or incorrect maneuvers, will alarm the machine.

Completely made with materials suitable and approved for contact with food products, the BS robots comply with CE regulations.