The cheese cutter uses ultrasound technology to cut soft or soft-ripened cheese into perfectly identical slices or wedges, all from a whole wheel.

Ultrasonic Cutter

Cheese Cutting

The ultrasonic cutter for cutting cheese uses the technology to make slices or wedges of soft or seasoned-soft cheese all the same starting from a whole wheel.

The machine has a conveyor belt and a vision guidance system which, interfaced with a 6-axis anthropomorphic robot, provides all information required to perform the various operations.

The machine is completed with a particular centring device specifically designed by B.S. to ensure that the wedge portions, made from the whole wheel, are all the same.

The machine can make 40 cuts/min. and the number of pieces depends on the number of slices to be obtained and the size of the wheel.



Through the color operator panel complete with keyboard it is possible to manage the different work variants and archive them in recipes to be replicated later.

The machine is equipped with all the necessary protections and safety devices and studied with all the precautions to ensure quick cleaning and maintenance.