DM 100

Our metering dispensers DM100 (for mayonnaise and sauces) and DB100 (for butter) have been designed and constructed using innovative, purpose-specific methods.

The structures of the machines are made with stainless steel tubes, arranged at 45° and continuously welded, allowing better cleaning.

These dosers have the considerable advantage of being able to be anchored directly to the linear belt of our production, or to be mounted on swivel wheels that allow transport, allowing minimum encumbrance.

To achieve total precision, the dispensers have the ability to be adjusted in all directions. Another important feature is that the metered amount can be controlled via a panel; recipes can be stored and recalled for future applications.



A photocell is fitted on the hopper to ensure continuous presence of the product in the dispenser.

The dispensers require 380 V voltage and air supply. The machines consist of the following parts:

Product feeding hopper,

with level sensor for automatic call

Product distribution nozzle

Electrical control board

Touch Screen controls

Heating system

(used with products such as butter or similar)