VP 300

The Dispenser VP300 is designed and manufactured to meet the requirements of small production quantities and to ensure excellent performance and repeatability at the same time.

The machine casing and all the parts in contact with the product are made of stainless steel, while all the internal gaskets are made of foodstuff-approved plastic material.

The machine can be used for products at ambient temperature or for hot products (for example: Russian salad and a variety of different sauces).

The machine works 100% pneumatically. A product in-take and unloading blade is installed inside the casing. The quantity of product to be fed is regulated by means of a hand-wheel at the back of the machine. A hopper is installed directly on the feeder to guarantee continuous production.



The machine can be installed directly on our belts with the possibility of adjusting it in all directions, or it can be arranged on a trolley directly on heat-forming or other machines. Different feeding nozzles will be used based on the type of product processed.

The machine, complete with suitable dismantling devices, can be cleaned quite quickly and efficiently.

Adjustable in any direction

Several dosing nozzles

Suitable disassembly devices

Quick and effective sanitation