Ultrasonic Cutter

UR 40 Double robot

The Ultrasonic Cutter UR40D was created to obtain portions of product (sandwiches, buns, cakes, pizza and much more) with multiple or single cuts with different heights and a very high degree of accuracy and cleanliness at the same time. The potential of the machine will be in function of the type of product and of the quantity of the sheets that must be performed.

The robot used will have 6 axis for its handling that will allow to perform the most varied figures and for its programming, you can use a keyboard color touch screen. On the Robot there will be installed an ultrasonic blade that will have dimensions and frequencies appropriate to the product to be processed.

To optimize its functions, the machine will be equipped with a vision system that, interfaced with the robot, will provide all the information in order to perform various tasks at work.

The UR40 can be manufactured in two variants: with one or two independent Robots, each driven by its own motor, to increase productivity. The single Robot model (UR 40) reaches 50 cuts/min. while the one with double motorization makes 100 cuts/min.



Using a PC you can manage the different work variants and store them in recipes that can also be used later.
The machine will be provided with all the necessary protections that, in case of need, will immediately stop the machine, sending an alarm sign.

In order to obtain more speed in the cleaning and maintenance of the belt, all the rollers are mounted cantilevered, while, in order to facilitate the cleaning operations, the structure is made of stainless steel tubular provisions at 45° welded continuously.

The cutter is housed on height adjustable support feet to ensure optimum positioning on the ground.
The machine is built entirely with materials suitable and approved for contact with food and it is
CE compliant.

Product feed conveyor 500 x 2800 cm

Robot Workspace 600 x 500 cm (may vary)

Robot Wrist IP67

Robot Arm IP65 pressurized

Ethernet ports

USB ports