The DF 400 machine has been designed to meet the requirements of high production quantities.The frame is leant on wheels. This is to guarantee easy movement and it is built so that it can be inserted under the container conveyor belt or directly anchored to the belt.


DF 400

The DF 400 grated cheese dispenser is designed to deposit the product directly on the trays in transit on the production belt and able to meet the needs of high production quantities.

Inserting the machine on the production line is simple and precise. The dosing unit is in fact installed on a supporting structure equipped with wheels, to ensure comfortable movement and positioning, built in such a way that it can be inserted directly under the tray conveyor belt.

The operation of the dispenser takes place through an operator panel managed by PLC, from which it is possible to adjust the working times and quantities and dosage modes.



The machine consists of:

2 hoppers

Electronic vibrator


Transfer belt


  1. The product is loaded inside the upper hopper, which guarantees production autonomy.
  2. The vibrator, positioned directly under the loading hopper, has the function of pouring the cheese, channeled by the conveyor, onto the transfer belt. Specifically built to allow this application, the latter has the task of feeding the unloading hopper.
  3. At the moment of the passage of the tray, the hopper deposits the desired quantity of product.
  4. The unloading start is activated following the signal sent by the photocell which has the task of reading the presence of the tray.

The machine is made with non-stick materials and measures that have the task of preventing the cheese from sticking to the walls of the machine, distorting the doses.
All parts in contact with the product, including the upper hopper, can be removed quickly and easily, thus ensuring optimal sanitation.
The DFG400 dispenser is completely built in 304 stainless steel and food-grade plastic material, and complies with CE regulations.